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I do not write online reviews. This is the first I have ever written, but it felt very necessary in this case. I found Mr. Glenn Coggeshell to be an extremely knowledgeable and personable professional. My wife, who is posting this for me, found him online when I was at my wit's end trying to finish all the items on my punch-list. I was scheduled to return to Florida in 3 days and desperately needed to get my house prepared for listing. He arrived and promptly I saw my list disappearing. Not only did he quickly and expertly knock out every item on my list, but he also loaded up the debris that I had been unable to remove from my property and disposed of it for me. All of this at a very reasonable rate, especially considering his range of knowledge and expertise. If this was all, I probably wouldn't feel obligated to write him up, but it didn't end there. After returning to Florida, I received a panicked call from my realtor in the early evening. I had forgotten to have an RFI installed in my kitchen and the inspector was going to be arriving the following morning. Mr. Coggeshell came by that very evening and installed one for me. Is that all? Nope. The next week, another panicked call from my realtor. She had stopped by the house - the inspector, of course, had been and gone, and my house, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Mr. Coggeshell, of course, passed - this time my realtor was again calling from my kitchen, standing in a puddle that was getting bigger, and the appraiser would soon be by. Again, Glenn to the rescue, dropping everything, he came by and diagnosed the problem, leak from the dishwasher hose, fixed it, and of course, the appraisal went off without a hitch. I'm happy to say that my house sold quickly and that my stress level was relatively low through the long-distance issues because of the trust and respect that Mr Coggeshell quickly earned from me. This guy is the best! Steve C.
The man..Mr. Handyman Service...If you want a job done right..prompt..& dependable..well..I can personally testify..Mr. Handyman/Coggeshell..will be the one you can trust..honest..genuine..& takes pride in a job well done.
He has assisted me on several projects...Basement remodels...painting..interior/exterior...remodeled my oversized garage..making a well insulated area for music recording & exercise equipment.
He also..designed..& created a beautiful landscaped yard..with a gorgeous natural pond/waterfall..with flower beds...He..really can do it all..and I trust..that if he can't..he will say it..cause ..
Mr. Handyman/Coggeshell is honest..he is the guy to call..when you want something tackled & done right...For a single woman..this is tops in any selection of "who can do the job..I need"...Thank You..
Glenn are the man..Mr. Handyman !!
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